About Us

Aaron and Eric are both Deacons serving in the Lord’s church in Fort Mill, SC.

We see an opportunity to help the growth of the church through the use of the digital evangelistic tools that we have and use in the world today. The growth of the internet and web applications have had a huge impact on how we live our lives. We intend to provide churches with clean, clear, and modern websites at an affordable price. A great website helps their local population know who they are, know how to find them, and learn about the church before entering the building. A great website serves as an evangelistic tool for a congregation.

Aaron Knight

I serve as the Deacon responsible for digital ministry at the Church of Christ at Gold Hill Rd. I am a dedicated husband and father of 3 wonderful children.

Eric Haskin

I serve as a Deacon responsible for the youth group activities and youth ministry at the Church of Christ at Gold Hill Rd. My wife Amanda and I have 3 excellent children. We serve as head counselors at Carolina Bible Camp each summer and I serve as a member of the board of directors for CBC – Carolina Bible Camp.

I have worked professionally in sales and marketing of services, and professional services for many years. I have been praying and thinking of a way to use my skills to be more beneficial to the growth of the church. I truly believe that by helping multiple congregations across the world with high quality, modern, and affordable website solutions that we can be a part of the expanding reach and growth of the Church of Christ.

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